Citroen Car LogoCitroen was founded in 1919 by Andre-Gustave Citroen, it was the first mass production car company outside of the United States of America, it pioneered the modern concept of service and sales networks that now compliments the car. Within 8 years of trading, Citroen had become the largest car manufacturer in Europe and the 4th largest worldwide.

Citroen was at the forefront of technology and produced Europe’s first all steel bodied car. Citroen also produced the first mass produced front wheel drive and one of the first cars to feature a monocoque type body. Other key technology points for Citroen include Hydropneumatic self levelling suspension, 1st European production car with disc brakes and swiveling headlights.

Citroen now produce a wide range of vehicles, normally designated with a C before a number, dependant on size. eg. C1 is a small car. Citroen also do a range with DS, a sub-brand which means Different Spirit or Distinctive Series.

For more information on the Citroen Car Range, please visit their website: Citroen Car Range

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